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Fuel Oil Purifier

The vacuum oil purification machine is specially designed for phosphate ester fire-resistant oil. This machine has passed the ISO quality system certification. According to the characteristics of fire resistant oil, all stainless steel materials and special sealing materials are used to ensure the good adaptability of materials and phosphate ester fire resistant oil, No leakage, no corrosion.

The equipment adopts multiple technologies such as molecular adsorption and vacuum drying, and uses the multi-layer rapid and efficient oil-water separation technology of the oil-water saturation temperature curve, and the multi-level precision filtration technology. It can regenerate and purify phosphate ester fire-resistant oil, effectively remove the acid, moisture, impurities, gas and pigment . The cleanliness after being processed is improved to DAS1638≤4, without changing the physical and chemical properties of the oil, so that the fire-resistant oil have better performance and lower energy consumption.

The machine can be designed according to customer requirement. We guarantee the quality of products , provide lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply, train and maintain users , and provide lifelong technical guidance services!

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