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Where is transformer oil filtration machine used?

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Chongqing kaiqian oil purifier manufacture co.,ltd always focus on high technology automation of the operation of the transformer oil filtration machine. the optional customization on the purifier can be weather shelter enclosure, trailer wheel, flow meter, PLC system etc. 

vacuum transformer oil filtration equipment

The pics are the transformer oil filtration machine using site for 330KV GIS booster Station in Power Plant. this transformer oil purifier equipped with a weather proof shelter enclosure, that is to avoid the electrical components inside the cabinet from damp. this two stages high vacuum transformer oil filtration equipment with vacuum pump and mechnical booster roots pump combined to provide higher vacuum when treating the used transformer oil.
After treatment of used transformer oil, the moisture, impurities and acid can be removed out, also the dielectric strength can be improved up to 75KV. so can use it again in to transformer with better insulation performance.
We are also insist on provide high quality and best technology treatment equipments to clients. Please feel free to contact us if you need any oil purification machine product

transformer oil filtration equipment


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