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Lubricant Oil Purifier

TY-R series lubricating oil purifier is specially researched and developed for all kind of lubricating oil. It is a multi-functional oil purifier that suitable for treat complex oil. It is widely used for lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil, thermal oil,heavy load gear oil, refrigerator oil, etc. This equipment can quickly remove gas, water, particles and volatile substance( such as ethanol,gasoline,ammonia,etc), improve oil quality, restore lubricating oil viscosity, flash point, so to increase oil working performance. Extend oil service time, and play an important role in ensuring lubricating system safe operation.

Vacuum lubricating oil purifier with highly automatic,lightweight and portable, safe and reliable ! This equipment can adopt PLC intelligent control device with touch screen operation and dynamic display, also according to customer special customized design requirement, the control system can realized man-machine separation. It is easy operation and reliable. This equipment can be designed to be movable type, fixed type and trailer type. And also can be designed to be fully closed type, canopy type and open type. Our company can choose any color of equipment according to customer requirement. 

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