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Oil Purifier with Trailer

The trailer-type oil filtration plant is designed for field operations oil purification equipment , it have a good effect in degassing and impurity removal for the oil on site. A trailer is added on the original basis of the vacuum oil filtration plant , which is convenient for movement and can be travel on the road and off-road. At the same time, it can also be used with cables, circuit breakers, capacitors and other electrical insulating oils.The purification process can keep completely clean and improve the dielectric strength of the insulating oil.

This Trailer-type oil filtration machine are widely used in power, chemical and other industries. They adopt a fully enclosed structure and have weatherproof installed car tires, bridge shock absorber, brake systems and the steel welding of the entire trailer  ensure 60km/h speed.Suitable for purifying transformer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and other oil products.The oil purifier plant adopts innovative design and is at the leading level in petroleum processing technology and equipment performance.This machine has the characteristics of high working vacuum, fast oil purification speed and high precision.

Function: Remove impurities, dehydrate, degas, remove acetylene, acid value, free carbon, etc. After treatment, the breakdown voltage of the oil is higher.

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