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Waste Oil Distillation Plant

The waste oil distillation plant is widely used for recycling waste engine oil, lubricant oil, hydraulic oil, waste diesel, gasoline, crude oil refining etc. The equipment adopts vacuum molecular distillation technology. It makes liquid-liquid separation by the gap of the mean free path of molecular motion of different substances. It can regenerate gasoline, diesel and base oil from all waste lubricant oil. The equipment is featured with low cost, high recovery rate, environmental protection and energy saving. It is the first choice to waste oil recycling enterprises, with great economic and social benefits!

 The waste oil distillation plant can effectively remove small molecular substances (for deoderization), large molecular substances (for decolorization) and mixed impurities in the waste oil. The by-products, residual oil and light fuel oil can be sold as fuel, which can make full use of resources and save cost. The quality of the refined final base oil from waste oil meets HVI 100SN-250SN and 350SN standards of CNPC (Q/SY 44-2009) lubricating oil base oil. This process does not use sulfuric acid and clay, so there is no “waste residue”discharge. It is preferred equipment for waste oil regeneration and vacuum distillation.

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