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Chongqing KAIQIAN oil purifier manufacturer Co.,Ltd was located in Shapingba District,CQ,China.We have 12 years production experience in the field of oil purifier and waste oil regeneration equipment. We are one professional R&D, design, production-manufacturing qualified oil purifier manufacturer. Our company had been past through ISO9001 quality system certificate. We provide high quality excellent oil purifier with affordable price. Our customer mainly come from nearly 50 countries include Africa and Southeast Asia, etc. It is first ideal choice of almost distributors and end-customer.

Our oil purifier mainly according to vacuum separation,high precision mechanical filtration, and adopt molecular absorption, vacuum drying, mechanical filtration, etc technology. It widely used for purifying transformer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and others oil. Our oil purifier adopt few innovation design of advanced technology of same type of equipment at home and abroad. On the aspect of petroleum process technology and equipment performance being in leadership. Oil purifier with features of high vacuum degree, high speed oil filtration and high precision.

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