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Renewability of waste oil - waste oil regenerate distillation equipment

Writer: Kaiqian Oil Purifier Release time:2020-03-12 14:37 Clicks:

The petroleum age has passed 100 years. Crude oil not only brings us energy, but also all kinds of chemical products based on crude oil. It greatly enriches our life. As the most important energy in the contemporary world, we can see oil or its accessories everywhere in our daily life, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricating oil, asphalt, plastic, fiber, etc Quite a lot! All of these are extracted from oil and benefit our life a lot.

Oil is a kind of non renewable resource. The recovery and regeneration of waste oil can save resources and environmental protection economy.

We need to adopt the advanced and standardized technology of waste oil regeneration base oil to recycle the waste oil, so that our resources can be used most efficiently, economically and environmentally. The waste oil regeneration base oil equipment developed and produced by Kai submersible oil filter is a kind of equipment which reconstructs the waste oil molecules through molecular distillation and other processes. It has low cost, high automation, recovery rate higher than 90-95%, environmental protection and energy saving. It is the first choice of waste oil molecular distillation process for waste oil regeneration enterprises, which has great economic and social benefits.


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