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Differences between molecular distillation and traditional distillation — for oil distillation plant

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In oil distillation plant Traditional distillation relies on the principle of the difference of boiling points of different substances, so it is difficult to separate some substances which are easy to oxidize, decompose or polymerize under the boiling point temperature.

The separation of molecular distillation is realized by using the technology of high vacuum short-range distillation, which depends on the difference of the average free path of molecular movement of different substances. The free path of molecular motion refers to the path between two adjacent collisions of a molecule. (for example, the traditional boiling point difference separation is about 1000 ℃, while the vacuum short-range molecular distillation technology is about 350)

Molecular distillation characteristics:

Low working temperature (far below boiling point), high vacuum (no load ≤ 5pa), short heating time (in seconds), high separation efficiency, especially suitable for the separation of substances with high boiling point, thermal sensitivity and easy oxidation.

It can effectively remove low molecular substances (deodorization), heavy molecular substances (decolorization) and impurities in the mixture. 

The separation process is a physical separation process, which can well protect the separated oil from secondary pollution, especially can maintain the original quality of the oil extract.The technology of high vacuum molecular distillation is much higher than traditional distillation and common film evaporator.

Our company chemical catalysts and additives. Even if the waste oil is heated to 400 ℃ under normal pressure, there will be no obvious cracking. For example, under normal pressure, the waste oil without catalyst begins to carbonize and coking at 300 ℃, that is to say, the quality of recovered oil is obviously reduced, and the recovery rate is also significantly reduced. Because there are many impurities such as gum, asphalt and free carbon in waste oil, it can effectively prevent these substances from coking, effectively guarantee the long-term use of equipment and improve the recovery output of waste oil. And other characteristics.

It can be seen that molecular distillation has the following advantages:

1. Due to the low operating temperature and short heating time of molecular distillation, products with high purity and good original quality can be obtained.

2. The product cost is low. Because of the high separation efficiency and recovery rate of molecular distillation, the cost can be greatly reduced.


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