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How to reuse waste oil?

Writer: Kaiqian Oil Purifier Release time:2020-03-12 15:08 Clicks:

Waste oil refers to the waste lubricating oil changed from various machines, vehicles and ships. In the process of use, some components of lubricating oil are deteriorated due to oxidation, at the same time, various impurities are mixed from the outside. When the amount of deteriorated components and impurities reaches a certain degree, the control of friction is lost, wear, cooling and sealing are reduced, vibration isolation effect is reduced, and the lubricating oil cannot be used continuously, so it becomes waste oil.

How to reuse waste oil?

First, maintain filtration, remove impurities and moisture from waste oil, and then use it again. This can not be restored to the final state of the oil, only to extend the service life.You can use a professionally filtered vacuum oil purifier to remove impurities, dehydration, and degassing.

Second, re-purification can remove the impurities in the waste oil, so that it can be used as the base oil for manufacturing new lubricating oil, and re purification can extend the service life of the oil. It is very popular and economical to distill waste oil by used oil recycling equipment. Because it uses waste oil to produce new lubricating oil, which greatly reduces energy consumption and new oil consumption.

Third, as a fuel treatment, it can become industrial fuel by removing water and impurities. This kind of recycling is not particularly popular because the waste oil can only be used once.Greatly wasted resources.


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