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Dehydration oil purifier process—kaiqian

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Dehydration oil purifier process:

(1)Dehydration oil purifier tank technology: the bottom of the oil tank shall be designed as a cone and equipped with a drain valve to regularly remove water and pollutants deposited on the bottom. A movable mesh or porous partition board shall be set at a distance of not less than 100 mm from the bottom of the oil tank to prevent the workpiece from sinking and affecting the dewatering effect.

(2) Process principle of oil purifier: it adopts confidential pure physical and mechanical filtration. Under the action of internal and external pressure difference, the oil enters the strong magnetic filter through the inlet, and the iron particles are filtered out. Then enter the secondary filter, and the small particle impurities are filtered out. Then the oil is sent to the fine filter to remove 5um impurities in the oil and output to complete a process of oil purification and refueling.

(3) Safety of dehydration oil purifier: the whole machine adopts full explosion-proof design and explosion-proof, and the level (exdeibibt4) ensures reliability and safety.

(4) Oil purifier monitoring: equipped with overpressure alarm shutdown device (to measure the pollution degree of filter element), to ensure that the filter element will not be damaged due to blocking overpressure, reduce the use cost, ensure the safety of the filter system, and remind the operator to clean the filter element.

(5) The oil should be kept clean and transparent in daily use. If the oil is still turbid after filtering once, it should be filtered again. The dehydration performance of the oil must be inspected weekly.

(6) Installation mode of oil purifier: trolley mobile or fixed.


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