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Characteristics of hydraulic oil purification equipment

Writer: Kaiqian Oil Purifier Release time:2022-07-19 12:07 Clicks:

Hydraulic oil purification equipment is mainly used for the circulation and cleaning of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, compressor oil and other industrial oils. The hydraulic oil filter is safe and reliable, with a high degree of automation. Continuous oil cleaning will not waste any oil.

In fact, the purpose of hydraulic oil purification is to remove water and impurities in the oil, and the process adopted varies according to the function of the equipment. For example, for non vacuum hydraulic oil equipment, the process is mainly precision mechanical filtration, and the special filter element with a large amount of pollutants is used, which also has a very good effect on the treatment of magazines. For the vacuum hydraulic oil filter, in addition to the high-efficiency filter element to filter the impurities in the oil, the vacuum separation process is also used to emulsify and dehydrate the hydraulic oil, so that the oil can be recycled. What are the characteristics of the equipment? Next, Kaiqian introduced five points in detail:

1. Hydraulic oil purification equipment has strong filtration. Oil is selected, separated and cleaned by polymer filter materials without wasting oil.

2. The hydraulic oil purification equipment has the advantages of convenient operation, small floor area and convenient transportation. It is suitable for installation in any position to filter oil and moisture.

3. The hydraulic oil purification equipment is easy to disassemble, clean and install, and can be recycled with various oils.

4. It can be used for on-site oil filtration and refueling of all kinds of hydraulic oil to realize online and offline integrated filtration.

5. There are two filtration methods for hydraulic oil: one is the traditional oil filtration method, which uses filter paper as the filter medium; Another method is to use a special fine filter element without filter paper as the oil filter medium.

The hydraulic oil purification equipment can be filled with oil in vacuum. At present, many places choose purification equipment for cleaning and filtering hydraulic oil. It can constantly absorb impurities in oil and water. The cleanliness can reach nas6-9.

So if you need to filter hydraulic oil, you are welcome to choose hydraulic oil purification equipment.




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