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Oil Purifier Technology

Application of transformer vacuum oil purifier

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Transformer vacuum oil purifier is used to filter impurities in oil and remove water and gas. It is mainly used to reduce the content of fine powder and suspended impurities (such as metal powder and pulverized coal), and to deal with the flakes and fibers that are easy to block the conventional filter element.

The vacuum oil filter can be equipped with a regeneration device, which can absorb and regenerate oil, reduce the acidity of aging oil, or control the acidity of working oil, and partially restore the color of oil.

Performance of vacuum oil purifier:

1. There is a circulating heat dehydration oil outlet, which can cut off the plate type fine filtration first, vacuum dehydrate the oil, filter the general impurities, avoid high water content in the oil, and shorten the service life of the filter paper.

2. The oil-water separation demulsification system uses polymer materials, which can quickly demulsify and separate the normal water in the oil, making the dehydration more thorough and efficient.

3. Three dimensional lightning three-dimensional connection and aggregation separation: quickly and thoroughly remove water and gas in oil.

4. Strong wind condensation system: it can quickly condense water vapor into water, improve the dehydration rate and reduce the load of vacuum pump.

5. It is equipped with a backwash system, which can quickly wash the filter element with slight blockage to ensure normal and continuous cleaning without manual disassembly and cleaning.


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