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The function of the oil filter

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oil filter

The general application function of the oil filter is to achieve the purpose of regeneration of waste oil, cleaning and reuse of new oil. In general, pure physical filtration does not involve any chemical changes. Vacuum, heating, interception, strong magnetic adsorption, precipitation, centrifugal force and other technologies are used to improve oil cleanliness, water filtration, impurities, deoxidation, demulsification, acid reduction value, etc. Improve and restore. In general, do not change the composition of additives.

Scope of application:

Mainly used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, railway, machinery, chemical industry, textile, cement, power plant, instrumentation and other departments. It plays an important role in cleaning and regenerating various industrial lubricating oils that are increasingly polluted, prolonging the maintenance cycle and service life of equipment, and reducing production costs. 

It can effectively remove pollutants such as water, water-soluble acid, alkali and mechanical impurities in oil products, and improve the kinematic viscosity, flash point and emulsification of oil products. Ensure that the oil is quickly restored to the required state of use, approaching or meeting the corresponding national new oil standards.

Importance of Oil Filter Gear Maintenance

1. When starting the transmission dialyzer, make sure that it cannot be loosened. On the contrary, it is easy to cause air intake and affect the filtering effect.

2. The exhaust valve must be opened when the gear dialyzer is inhaled, and closed after exhausting;

3. If the pump makes a lot of noise when sucking oil, the strainer may be blocked. At this point, turn off the power and remove it for timely cleaning. After cleaning, use the oil filter for a while, then remove it for cleaning. A large amount of dirt accumulates in the filter element, resulting in reduced filtration capacity and increased pressure. At this time, it must be disassembled and cleaned regularly to ensure the normal use of the hydraulic oil filter.


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