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Oil Purifier Technology

Functions of oil purification equipment

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Oil purification equipment can remove free water and solid pollutants in petroleum based oil products such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, turbine oil, etc. It can also independently bypass or purify oil online as required. The oil filter can remove free water in the medium through demulsification, coalescence and separation. The free water content of the treated medium is less than 200ppm, which can be less than 100ppm under the limit value. It can also filter out solid particles in the medium. By controlling the cleanliness of the oil, solid particles in the medium can be filtered out. The cleanliness of control oil can reach NAS4 or higher. The oil filter is mainly used for filtering, filtering and regeneration of various lubricating oils and engine oils. So as to achieve the goal of new oil, recover new energy and reduce costs.

The multi-stage purification level is distributed according to different impurity size, different pollutant characteristics, different filter materials and prices to achieve the purpose of high filtration efficiency and low purification cost.

The non pressure purification equipment refers to adding a return pipe between the oil pump and the filter element to reduce the pressure, so that the oil can penetrate into various special filter elements without pressure and slight pressure, thus extending the service life of the filter element and improving the purification efficiency.


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