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Oil Purifier Technology

Operating steps of vacuum oil purification!

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Operating steps of vacuum oil purification:

The whole process mechanism of the oil purification, vacuum degassing tank, filter, electric heater, condenser support steel frame and other equipment shall be intact, and the connection shall not be loose. The welding parts shall be free of weld beading, burrs and rust spots. The product surface shall be sprayed with plastic, and the surface shall be bright and bright.

oil purification

1. Place the oil filter stably, connect the power supply, and connect the oil inlet and outlet pipes.

2. The equipment startup is divided into (manual/automatic) vacuum pump startup. When the vacuum degree reaches (the intelligent vacuum gauge displays (3.0EX3Pa), the roots pump starts automatically (-0.085Mpa). When the vacuum is lower than 6.0EX3Pa (-0.065Mpa), the roots pump stops automatically.

vacuum meter

3. Open the oil inlet valve when the vacuum degree reaches (-0.095Mpa). When the oil enters a certain level in the vacuum tank, start the oil pump (in manual mode). (If the oil outlet is not smooth, exhaust the air).

4. With the improvement of vacuum degree, the vacuum degree can be kept between -0.095 and -0.098Mpa.

control panel

5. When the oil circulation is normal, the heater can be turned on, and the temperature can be set at 55~65 ℃ depending on the water content in the oil.

6. After the vacuum oil filter works for a period of time, it can be sampled at the sampling port for testing.

Oil filtration effect

Overall display of vacuum oil purification:



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