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Oil Purifier Technology

Design principle of vacuum oil purifier

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The vacuum oil purifier is an oil filtering device, and different conditions of the machine need to be considered in the design process. Let's understand the design principle of the vacuum oil purifier.

Technological Process.jpg

(1) Draft the overall technical proposal. The design is based on the original quality parameters, running quality parameters and oil treatment capacity of insulating oil.

(2) Design efficient vacuum separator (vacuum separator tank). This device is the core equipment of vacuum oil filter. The unique internal structure can significantly increase the total area and residence time of the oil in the tank, and greatly improve the degradation effect of water and gas in the oil.

(3) Well designed filtration system. A filter element with large capacity, high precision and the ability to absorb colloidal particles is developed to ensure multistage deep filtration.

(4) Design safe and reliable heating system and perfect piping scheme to ensure no "dead oil area".

(5) The oil inlet pump (oil drain pump) driven by the variable frequency motor can change the flow from 15000l to 6000l, realize flow control, meet various flow requirements of vacuum oil injection, vacuum oil filtering and hot oil circulation, and realize multi-function engine.



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