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Introduction to characteristics of activated clay

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Introduction to characteristics of activated clay

Active clay is a layered silicate crystal, which is made of mineral clay (mainly bentonite) after acidification treatment, water bleaching and drying. Its microstructure is composed of two layers of Si-0 tetrahedron and one layer of Al-0 octahedron. It is connected by sharing oxygen atoms and is sandwich structure.


As some Si in tetrahedron can be replaced by Al *, and some AP+in octahedron can be replaced by cations such as Mg+, making the crystal electronegative, · therefore, cations will be adsorbed to maintain charge balance. When acid treatment is used, these cations can be dissolved by H *, and at the same time, the para aluminum ions and two pairs of hydroxide groups in octahedron can be dissolved, so that its surface forms a microporous network structure, the layer spacing becomes larger, and the active surface area can reach 100~300 m/g, It has strong adsorption capacity.

Moreover, the activated clay has rich raw materials, low cost, green environmental protection, good decolorization effect, and oil absorption point is widely used in the refining, decolorization and purification process of vegetable oil and gasoline. However, there are few reports on the application of activated clay in decolorization of deteriorated transformer oil.

In this study, active clay is used as adsorbent to investigate its decolorization effect on the deteriorated transformer oil, and the influence of adsorption temperature, adsorption time, and the amount of active clay on the decolorization effect of transformer oil, in order to provide some technical support for the regeneration and utilization of the deteriorated transformer oil.



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