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How to get rid of the iron ring in the hydraulic oil?

Writer: Kaiqian Oil Purifier Release time:2023-03-15 14:19 Clicks:

Iron filings, impurities, water, etc. are common pollutants in hydraulic oil. Iron filings are common gray-black fine particles or powders, which often affect the lubrication and cooling effects of oil products in hydraulic oil, hindering the use of the unit.


Sources of iron filings in hydraulic oil:

1. The wear debris generated during the high-speed rotation of the pump and all parts of the pump rotation may also cause wear to the bearings, volume chambers, etc.

2. The spool of the hydraulic valve runs back and forth, and the wear debris generated by the oil cylinder runs back and forth.

3. A large amount of iron filings will be generated during the running-in of the equipment

Hydraulic oil is contaminated, how to deal with it?

Conventional dehydration and impurity removal equipment that everyone knows can be satisfied by using a vacuum oil purifier machine, such as No. 46 and No. 68 hydraulic oil, which can continue to be used after treatment.

So how to deal with the oil with iron filings? In fact, many of our customers have encountered similar problems. Our solution to such situations is to choose a vacuum oil filter. This magnetic vacuum oil filter is mainly for iron filings.

The magnetic filter is uniquely designed in the hydraulic oil vacuum oil purifier. In addition to filtering impurities, it also filters iron filings, and the effect is good. The device has many good features and can meet our needs.

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