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What are the common faults of transformers?

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Common faults of transformers include but are not limited to the following:

1.Insulation failure: insulation aging, breakdown, flashover and other problems may lead to short circuits between windings or between windings and ground, affecting the normal operation of the transformer.

2.Oil leakage: Damage or aging of transformer oil tank, oil pipe, gasket and other parts may lead to oil leakage, affecting insulation performance and cooling effect.

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3.Overload: Long-term operation in the overload state may lead to excessive heating of the winding, resulting in insulation aging, thermal stress increase and other problems, and eventually lead to transformer damage.

4.Short circuit: Short circuit between windings or between windings and ground may be caused by aging insulation, intrusion of external factors and other reasons, resulting in equipment damage and power system accidents.

5.Grounding fault: Grounding the winding of a transformer may cause equipment damage and power system accidents. Common causes include aging insulation and loose winding cables.

6.Partial discharge: Partial discharge may be caused by insulation defects and uneven electric field strength. Long-term accumulation may lead to insulation aging and breakdown.

7.Cooling system failure: The cooling system failure may cause the transformer temperature to be too high, affecting the normal operation and service life of the device.

8.Electrical connection faults: Improper electrical connections or loose cables may cause unstable device operation or excessive temperature rise.

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These faults may affect the safe operation of the transformer and the stable operation of the power system, so it is necessary to discover and repair and deal with them in time. Regular testing, maintenance and maintenance are very important to prevent and reduce the occurrence of these failures.


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