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Turbine Oil Purifier

Turbine Oil Recycling Machine

    Model: TY-Q20、TY-Q30、TY-Q50、TY-Q80、TY-Q100、TY-Q150、TY-Q200、TY-Q300

    Flow Rate: 20L/min、30L/min、50L/min、80L/min、100L/min、150L/min、200L/min、300L/min

    Work vacuum:-0.08~0.096 MPa

    Work pressure: ≤0.5 MPa

    Work temperature: ≤20-80℃ Adjustable

    Power supply:380-480V/50-60Hz Three-phase four-wire(Customizable as required)

    Heating power:24KW、30KW、36KW、42KW、48KW、54KW、60KW、72KW

    Total power: 26KW、33KW、39KW、46KW、53KW、66KW、74KW、84KW


    Ⅰ. TY-Q Turbine Oil Recycling Machine Usage

    The Turbine Oil Recycling Machine is equipped with precision filtration, vacuum drying, coalescence separation and three-dimensional spiral atomization technology. After processing, the gas, moisture, acid and foam in the emulsified oil will become clear and meet the use standards. Widely used in power, chemical, paper, petroleum and other industries. Can effectively ensure the safe operation of the turbine lubrication system.

    Ⅱ. TY-Q Turbine Oil Recycling Machine Working Principle

Turbine Oil Recycling Machine adopts the principle of vacuum separation and precision mechanical purifier. It adopts a variety of technologies such as molecular adsorption, vacuum drying, mechanical filtration, etc. The lubricant vacuum purifier is a complete machine without any attached mechanical equipment.

    Ⅲ. TY-Q Turbine Oil Recycling Machine Function.

    3.1 improve the cleanliness of lubricating system on Dilute Oil Station and oil tank, impurity and dewatering degassing and impurities removal.

    3.2 It can remove not only 100% free water and 99.9% dissolve water, but also 100% free gas and 98% dissolve gas, and the ends oil will meeting the national using standard.

    Patent Automatic Vibration defoaming technology

infrared defoaming   technology  

most suppliers use this kind   of technology for defoaming, actually the truth is they defoaming by make the   air into the vacuum evaporation tank, the air with moisture and impurities,   which will make the oil be polluted secondary.
If u like, i can send u this   video, here i will give pics to show this, u see, when foam decrease, the   vacuum decrease too, and here is a fabric, when defoam, it will be suctioned   to the tank, which means here is air into the tank

Automatic Vibration    defoaming technology

This is our patent technology in almost 10 years experience in   transformer oil filtration. The design like bellow.
This is the core technology   in vacuum oil purifier, at the bottom of the atomization chamber is equipped   with a number of nozzles which are ejected downward. The the separation tower   is connected with the elastic wire mesh and inner wall of the vacuum   separation kettle tank. this can eliminated the bubble inside the vacuum tank,   with the long time work, the electronic vacuum gauge measured value of   -5Pa-133 Pa and no more foam rising

Ⅳ. Treated Turbine Oil Parameters



Treatment parameter

est Method

Mechanical impurities


Demulsibility number








Acid value








Filter precision




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