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Oil recycling machine is a new type of petrochemical separation equipment, which is widely used in waste lubricant distillation base oil, waste hydraulic oil distillation base oil, 4S shop waste engine oil vacuum distillation base oil, waste oil distillation and so on.

Advantages: the oil recycling machine is a separation process which is far lower than the atmospheric boiling point under the condition of high vacuum technology, adopting multi-stage molecular distillation technology. The three-stage molecular distillation and separation unit can successively distill the gasoline, diesel and lubricating base oil.

Product yield: 5-10% for light industrial fuel oil, 8-15% for heavy industrial fuel oil and 70-85% for base oil. It can be batch working or continuous working, and the recovery rate is far higher than other distillation equipment. 

Chongqing Kaiqian Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd specializes in the research and development of waste oil recycling equipment. The company has a group of professional oil purification experts and senior R&D and design senior engineer team, and won the GB/t19001-2061/ISO9001 quality system certification unit.

From 2008 to now, KAIQIAN has been adhering to the production concept of endless scientific and technological innovation, striving for excellence to build famous brands, Seiko production and quality assurance!

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