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Attentions in purifier the transformer oil

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Preparation and inspection of transformer oil purifier before use

The components of the vacuum transformer oil purifier machine have been tested and commissioned before leaving the factory. When transported to the site of use, it is necessary to check whether the components are intact.

The environment temperature should be within 1~45℃ when the machine is working.The altitude of using site will affect the vacuity of the machine, more higher of the altitude,the negative vacuum will be higher.In the treatment of the oil tank of the generator set, we should release the water in the oil tank bottom firstly, then connect the oil pipe, or the water will go into the machine and make the oil be polluted secondary.When the vacuum pump works, we should pay attention to the oil level. (the oil should be at the above the line). When too much water in the vacuum pump, it should be replaced in time.

When showing the condensate on the condenser oil level pipe, it must be discharged in time (shut off the machine, remove the vacuum, then open the valve at the bottom of the condenser, and release the condensate).

Pay attention to whether the vacuum pump and the corresponding running noise are normal during operation at any time, if abnormal should be immediately excluded.when short of the oil input, we should stop the machine and check, firstly check the coarse filter ,secondary filter and fine filter, if it is blocked by impurities, if yes, take it out and do cleaning.

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