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Oil Purifier Technology

Working Principle and Troubleshooting of Vacuum Oil Purifier

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Vacuum oil purifier is also called oil purifier, vacuum oil filtration plant, oil purification machine, oil filtering equipment, etc.. The oil purifier is featured  with small volume, convenient movement, long continuous working time, low noise, high efficiency and simple operation. Vacuum oil purifier is mainly used for the purification treatment of transformer oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil etc.. it can quickly and effectively remove the moisture, gas and impurities in the oil, improve the oil quality, ensure the normal operation of the transformer and lubricating system, extend the service cycle of oil, and ensure the safe operation of the lubricating system.

transformer oil regeneration machine

Vacuum Oil Purifier Trouble Analysis  and Troubleshooting

Fault Observation

Cause analysis


The inlet flow is reduced or the oil can not be fed during the stable operation

1. The primary filter is blocked and the resistance increases.

2. The secondary filter is blocked, and the resistance increases

3. The vacuum degree is reduced.

1. Remove and wash the primary filter.

2. Clean three stage filters.

3. Increase Vacuum dgree

Abnormal sound of oil pump during starting or operation

1. The air plug in the pump makes noise, the pump is short of oil or a lot of air is brought into the oil, and the air in the inlet connecting pipe is brought into the oil pump

2. The filter element is blocked.

1、Check the oil inlet, adjust the valve switch of the inlet and outlet, and remove the air from the oil inlet pipe.

2. Clean the filter element.


Start the heater, but the oil temperature does not rise

1. The temperature probe falls out.

2. Electric heating contactor problem.

3. The circuit is open.

4. The heating pipe is burnt out.

5. The temperature controller is damaged.

6. Intermediate relay problem

1. Fix the temperature probe.

2. Check or replace.

3. Overhaul.

4. Replace the heater.

5.Replace the temperature controller.

6.Replace the intermediate relay.


The vacuum drops and it cannot reach the rated value

1. The pipeline joint or other seals are not tight, resulting in air leakage.

2. The vacuum pump oil is insufficient.

3. The vacuum pump oil is dirty.

4. The exhaust valve plate or other parts of the vacuum pump are damaged.

5. The indication of vacuum gauge is incorrect.

1. Overhaul.

2. Inject vacuum oil to the oil mark.

3. Replace with new oil.

4. Overhaul.

5. Calibrate or replace.


Difficult to start vacuum pump

1. Waste falls into the pump.

2. The belt is too loose or too tight or the coupling is faulty.

3. The power supply is lack of phase or the motor is in fault.

4. Too much oil in the pump.

5. The viscosity in the pump is too high.

6. The room temperature is too low

1. Check whether the copper filter screen at the air inlet is broken or dropped.

2. Overhaul.

3. Overhaul

4. Drain the oil below the center line of oil mark.

5. Change the oil.

6. Manual turning pulley is flexible.

7. Use vacuum pump special oil (kk-1)


Vacuum pump exhaust port injection

1. The purified oil contains too much water, too much vaporization and foam.

2. There is too much oil in the vacuum tank, or there is electrical fault or balance valve fault.

3. The vacuum pump has too much oil or the liquid level is too high to exceed the standard liquid line.

1. Open the gas valve to increase the oil temperature and reduce the vacuum.

2. After the shutdown, start the drain pump to pump oil. After the oil level drops, turn on the vacuum pump to find out the cause of out of control liquid level.

3. Let go of some

Vacuum pump and motor stops during operation

1. The motor load is too large, and the thermal relay acts.

2. The power supply is lack of phase.

3. The electrical components are loose or aged.

1. Check the reset.

2. Check the power supply.

3. Tighten or replace.


Treated oil is unqualified

1. High water content of oil.

2. Insufficient oil heating.

3. The filter screen is damaged.

4. The equipment is used again without cleaning.

5. The vacuum is too low.

6. The accuracy of filter element is not enough.

1. Increase filtering times.

2. Increase the heating temperature.

3. Repair and replace the filter element.

4. Cleaning.

5. Check whether all parts are airtight or air leakage.

6. Replacement.


Reduced or no oil discharge

1. The oil level in the vacuum tank is too low.

2. High vacuum.

3. The position of oil tank is high.

4. The oil seal of gear pump leaks air.

1. Increase the oil intake.

2. Reduce the vacuum.

3. Lower the height.

4. Replace oil seal or oil pump.


Vacuum pump motor overheated

1. Whether the belt pulley is in the same axis.

2. The belt is too tight.

3. The voltage is too high or too low.

1. adjustment.

2. adjustment.

3. Check the cause of power supply abnormality.


Oil pump motor overheated

1. The voltage is abnormal.

2. Coupling is not installed correctly.

3. The oil pump gear is jammed.

1.Check the voltage


3.Clean oil pump to find out the reason

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