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What is BDV value of transformer?How to test?

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Transformer oil plays the role of insulation and cooling and must have a certain electrical insulation strength during operation. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the transformer, in addition to taking protective measures to prevent premature aging of the transformer oil in operation, it is also necessary to take regular oil sample tests to understand the status of the oil quality in operation. For newly installed transformers, oil samples should also be taken for oil sample tests before being put into operation. The transformer oil breakdown voltage test is one of the main items in the transformer oil test.

1. The dielectric strength of transformer oil (also called breakdown voltage) is not only related to dry and humid weather but also related to the temperature during the test and the atmospheric pressure of the test environment. When the temperature is below 25℃, the water contained in the oil is divided into an emulsified state, so the value of the breakdown voltage of the oil decreases as the temperature decreases.

 transformer breakdown voltage

When the temperature is lower than 0°C, all the water in the oil decomposes into ice. The breakdown voltage of the oil will increase again. When the oil temperature is 65~80℃, the breakdown voltage is the highest because the water in the oil is dissolved in the oil in a molecular state. If the temperature exceeds 80C, the kinetic energy of polar molecules such as pollution suspended in the oil is accelerated, which increases the probability of breakdown in the oil, and the breakdown voltage begins to decrease. In addition, the breakdown voltage of the oil is still in line with the experimental environment. Air pressure is related. As the pressure increases, the insulation strength also increases.

Kaiqian transformer oil breakdown voltage tester with good quality, meet the requirements for oil breakdown test for insulating oil dielectric strength measurement provides a conform to the IEC standard inspection method, best choice for oil test device . It has a variety of measuring operation methods in oil test.

 transformer oil breakdown voltage tester

transformer oil breakdown voltage test kit Main features include :

automatic measurement method,

6 times continuous measurement,

and automatically calculate the average,

print out 6 measurement data and average through the panel printer.

transformer breakdown voltage test


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