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Transformer GIS Vacuum Drying Device

The vacuum pumping unit can be called transformer vacuum dryer, GIS vacuum drying unit, vacuum pumping device, vacuum oiling machine, vacuum pumping system, transformer vacuum pumping unit, etc. It is widely used in the installation and maintenance of various types of large-scale transformers to achieve Efficient vacuum drying and vacuum pumping. It can effectively remove the large amount of free carbon and moisture generated in the oil due to the frequent load switching of the pressure regulation,improve the insulating strength of the oil, ensure the quality of the insulating oil, extend the maintenance cycle of the switch, reduce power outages, and ensure the quality of the power supply.

The transformer vacuuming system not only functions as vacuum drying for the transformer but also has oil injection function.

Advantages: fast pumping, energy consumption, LCD display, mobile and flexible functions. The leakage rate of the unit is less than 1%. The vacuum system is equipped with an oil return prevention device and a phase sequence automatic reversing system to prevent the vacuum pump from reversing.

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