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Coalescence Oil Purifier

The coalescence oil purifier is also called dehydration oil purifier. It uses special oil-water separation filter, for macromolecular water, which can remove water without heating. Its dehydration efficiency is 20 times higher than other oil purifiers. This machine integrates precise filtration, high efficiency coalescence and dehydration function. With advanced coalescence and separation technology, it has high dehydration efficiency and ability, so as to ensure that additives in oil will not crack or deteriorate.

It has low operation cost and is suitable for light oil and low viscosity oil, especially for the treatment of oil containing a large amount of water. The separation filter is made of special hydrophobic material at the inlet. When the oil passes through the separation filter, the water drops will be blocked on the outside of the separation filter, and the oil will pass through the separation filter and be discharged from the outlet.

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