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Hydraulic Oil Purifier

Hydraulic oil purifier also called hydraulic oil filter machine. It is wildly used for include automobile manufacturing, alumiunm industry, hydraulic machine,hydraulic oil,anti-wear hydraulic oil, compressor oil,refrigerator oil, pump truck hydraulic oil and others unqualified lubricating oil purifying and cleaning. Through special vacuum separation system and particles filtration system design, hydraulic oil purifier can efficiently filter out all kinds of contamination from engine oil with significant economic benefits. It will be your ideal choice to save energy and maintain equipment.

Hydraulic oil purifier contribute to improve the cleanliness of the anti-wear hydraulic oil of hydraulic system of oil dilution station, as well as the dehydration, degassing and impurity removal of fuel tank. The unit can adopt PLC intelligent control device with touch screen operation and dynamic display. The whole machine is designed to be movable type, fixed type and trailer type, according to customer requirement, to choose the color of equipment freely. That equipment’s design is compact with low working noise, easy operation, long non-maintenance time, lower energy consumption, operation cost saving.

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