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Turbine Oil Purifier

The TY-Q series of turbine oil purifiers are used in thermal power plants, hydroelectric generating units, nuclear power plants, industrial steam turbines and other enterprises that use steam turbine oil. The unique degassing and dehydration system of our turbine oil purifiers adopts 3-dimentional evaporation technology to make water, gas and oil separated quickly. The advanced infrared liquid level control system is automatic, portable, safe and reliable and easy to operate.

  This machine is suitable for many production lines, such as mining, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, manufacturing, etc. It can purify oil quickly without deterioration,and remove moisture, gas and impurities in oil quickly and effectively, and make all quality indexes of oil meet the requirements of GB/T7596-2000 Standard for Oil Quality in Operation of Steam Turbine. Ensure the normal operation of the unit regulation and lubrication system, and extend the service time of the unit.

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