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Plate Frame Oil Purifier

High efficiency portable plate and frame oil purifier can be used to purify lubricating oil, insulating oil, fuel, etc. to remove less water and particles. It is a movable device composed of filter bed, filter frame, filter plate and oil pump. During the filtration process, the filter paper will retain all solids to form the filter cake. The solid builds up on the paper and causes an increase in pressure. After the pressure reaches a certain level, the filter paper needs to be cleaned.

The filter plate and the side of the filter frame of the plate and frame oil purifier are supported on the support plate of the frame, and the filter paper (or filter cloth) as the filtering medium is lined between the filter plate and the filter frame to play the filtering role. The plate and frame oil purifier has the advantages of low operating cost and free from site restrictions. It is widely used in oil, machinery manufacturing, food, power industry, etc.

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