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Explosion-proof Vacuum Oil Purifier

Explosion-proof vacuum oil purifier plant adds explosion-proof function is added to the vacuum oil filtration machine. There are two types of explosion-proof grades (ExdiaⅡBT4) and (ExdeibCT4). Thimachine is aimed at purifying the lubricants, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, insulating oil, and other oil products in the workshop of hydrocracking unit, the inflammable and explosive areas. It is a purely physical purification process ,which does not change the properties of the oil. The cleanliness will improved to DAS16384.

Our company can design for free according to customer's demand, Mobile, fixed, trailer, totally enclosed, open, rainproof, etc. are available, the material can be selected from all stainless steel and ordinary steel. This machine mainly used in natural gas, chemical, petroleum, petrochemical and other industries,It adopts German technology vacuum oil pump through precision processing methods to ensure that the oil pump has no leakage and low noise. Even if the whole system is in the ultimate vacuum, the oil pump is guaranteed to be normal working to ensure the performance of the whole machine is stable and improve the efficiency of oil purification.

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