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Transformer Oil Purifier

As time goes, the transformer oil will be degraded. The oil expose in some harmful substance such as acid, metal dust, moisture,etc.When transformer oil mixed with dissolved gas, dust and other contamination, it is time to take actions to purify and clean the oil.

KAIQIAN oil purifier manufacturer Co.,Ltd is a outstanding transformer oil purifier manufacturer in Chongqing. Our transformer oil purifier series include:ZL-JS series double stages vacuum transformer oil purifier, ZL-J series single stage vacuum transformer oil and ZL-D series extra-high voltage vacuum oil purifier. Transformer oil purifier mainly used for increasing transformer oil cleanliness, viscosity and other properties from 110V to 1000kV project transformer.It can effectively and quickly remove micro water,gas,particulate matter,etc from oil in order to increase transformer system service time.

This mainly specially used for purifying high voltage and extra-high voltage transformer is can be used for oil filtration, also be used as independent vacuum resource for vacuum drying and vacuum oiling. Whole unit machine adopt few innovation design of advanced technology of same type of equipment at home and abroad with features of high working vacuum,rapid oil filtration,highly precision,etc.

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