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Treating acetylene, carbon dioxide, methane, and other contaminants in transformer oil

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Contaminants such as acetylene, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane in transformer oil can pose potential risks to the environment and health. Therefore, it is important to treat these pollutants. The following are some common methods for treating these contaminants in transformer oil:

1.Centrifugal separation: Centrifugal separation technology can separate solid and liquid pollutants in transformer oil. Centrifugal separation is usually used to remove suspended particles and water.

2.Adsorbent treatment: Adsorbents can effectively absorb organic pollutants in transformer oil. Common adsorbents include activated carbon and molecular sieves. By adding adsorbents to transformer oil, harmful substances can be removed from the oil through physical or chemical adsorption.

3.Oxidation treatment: Oxidizing agents, such as hydrogen peroxide or ozone, can be used for oxidation treatment to convert organic pollutants in transformer oil into harmless substances. This method is suitable for removing some difficult-to-degrade organic compounds.

4.Activated powder treatment: Activated powders (such as activated clay, silica gel, etc.) are mixed with transformer oil and stirred. By adsorption and chemical reaction, pollutants can be removed.

5.Vacuum distillation: Vacuum distillation is a method of heating transformer oil to high temperatures and distilling it under low pressure. This can separate components within different boiling ranges and remove pollutants.

6.Biodegradation: Some microorganisms can degrade organic pollutants in transformer oil. By adding specific microbial agents, the process of microbial degradation can be promoted to purify the oil.

7.For mildly contaminated transformer oil, vacuum oil filtration machines can be used. Transformer vacuum oil filtration machines are purification equipment designed specifically for this type of oil. They mainly use reduced pressure distillation to remove gas pollutants in the oil and remove water from the oil. This equipment is mature in technology and is widely used in many wind power stations and national grids.

Methods for treating acetylene in transformer oil

Methods for treating carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in transformer oil

It should be noted that specific treatment methods will be influenced by factors such as the degree of contamination, usage environment, and regulatory requirements. Before any treatment, professional environmental agencies or experts in the relevant field should be consulted, and local environmental regulations and safety operating procedures should be followed.


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