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Oil Purifier Technology

How to choose oil filter element?

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The filter element of the oil filter is the soul of the equipment. With it, the impurities in the oil can be filtered and intercepted efficiently, so that the cleanliness can be improved. There are many types of our filter element, how to choose? Kaiqian introduces the following filter elements for you:

Ⅰ.Coarse filter

The stainless steel filter element is 80μm to filter out large particles of impurities in the oil and prevent impurities from entering the pump body and causing damage to the oil pump.


Coarse filter

Ⅱ.Regenerative filter

The regenerative filter *50um filter element combines the highest level of anti-corrosion and anti-rust materials with special structural components. These elements maintain oil quality in most corrosive environments. Increased filter capacity and water resistance. The stainless steel filter element filters 50um particles, the efficiency of colloidal impurities is very high, and the service life is long.

Regenerative filter

Ⅲ.Coalescing filter 

Advantages of coalescing filter element * 25um for use with macromolecular water; There is no need to heat to remove water. Different liquids have different surface tensions, and the smaller the surface tension, the faster the rate of passage. When different mixed liquids flow into the coalescence separator, they first enter the coalescence filter element. The coalescence filter element has multiple layers of filtering media, and its pore diameter increases layer by layer. Due to differences in surface tension, oil quickly passes through the filter layer, while water is much slower; Due to the hydrophilic material used in the coalescence filter element, small water droplets are adsorbed on the surface of the filter layer to form coalescence of water droplets. Under the action of power, small droplets compete to pass through the opening, gradually converging into large droplets, which settle under the action of gravity and are separated from the oil. After passing through the coalesced filter element, there are still smaller water droplets that move forward to the separation filter element under the action of inertia.

Coalescing filter

Ⅳ.Oil-water separation filter (imported material)

Oil-water separation filter element*20um separation filter element is made of imported special hydrophobic material. When the oil passes through the separation filter element, water droplets are blocked from the outside of the separation filter element, while the oil liquid passes through the separation filter element and is discharged from the outlet.

Ⅴ.Precision filter element (imported material)

The precision *1um filter element adopts imported filter material, wood fiber PH glass fiber cotton filter element. The precision filter element mainly uses wood fiber as raw material. The material is polar because it contains a large number of oxygen atoms, and the degradation products of oil are also polar. When the degradation products of oil pass through the wood fibers with polar positions, the degradation products will be attracted and trapped, because the wood fibers have a large active surface, that is, a large number of magnetic field areas, so the absorption and adsorption of pollutants are very effective. Ensure that the filtration accuracy is 1um. Oil molecules are in nanometers, so even if the filtration accuracy has reached 1um, it is far larger than the size of oil molecules. The flow rate of the filter element is 5 times the rated flow rate, even if most of them are blocked, it can still meet the needs of filter oil circulation.

 Precision filter element


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