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What equipment is there for transformer maintenance?

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A transformer is a device used to convert AC voltage and current to transmit AC power, and is widely used in power plants, substations, etc. The transformer is generally stationary outdoors, and its function is to boost and lower the voltage. Then, in the process of power transmission, there will inevitably be loss of voltage and power. Using a transformer can increase the voltage and reduce the loss of power transmission. Because the transformer runs outdoors all the year round, the transformer oil will produce some pollutants after being exposed to the sun and rain, so it is imperative to replace the transformer oil! Only in this way can the transformer damage be reduced. Then you can find out about this device below!


Transformer vacuum oil filter is widely used in power station, power plant, national grid, transformer factory, petrochemical industry, oil purification treatment and vacuum hot oil circulation drying during installation and maintenance of various large transformer equipment.


The purification treatment of 110KV-330KV transformer insulating oil can achieve zero acetylene value, no impurity pollution, and improve the service life of the oil. It is also suitable for advanced treatment of high-grade new oil and imported oil. This machine adds a Roots pump booster System, secondary high-vacuum separation system, three-dimensional three-dimensional flash rapid evaporation system, its dehydration, degassing, acetylene removal, acid removal value, free carbon removal, etc., the oil limit pressure value after treatment is higher, which can be used as Use oil filter. It can also be used as an independent vacuum source for vacuum drying and oiling of transformer equipment.


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