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Oil Purifier with Trailer

Mobile Oil Treatment Plant

    Model: TY-C-30、TY-C-50、TY-C-100、TY-C-150、TY-C-200、TY-C-300

    Flow Rate: 30L/min、50L/min、100L/min、150L/min、200L/min、300L/min

    Work vacuum:-0.08~0.098 MPa

    Work pressure: ≤0.5 MPa

    Work temperature: 45-65℃ Adjustable

    Power supply:380-480V/50-60Hz Three-phase four-wire(Customizable as required)

    Heating power:30KW、36KW、72KW、96KW、144KW、180KW

    Total power: 33KW、40KW、76KW、102KW、152KW、190KW


Ⅰ. Mobile Oil Purifier Usage

The mobile oil purifier is fully enclosed, waterproof, dustproof, easy to move, and can be used for long-distance field operations. The trailer-type transformer oil vacuum oil filter is equipped with automobile tires, bridge shock absorbers, brake assemblies and welding of all steel structures, which can guarantee a driving speed of 60KM / H. The trailer-type oil filter is suitable for outdoor or indoor use, and has a wider application environment.

Ⅱ. Mobile Oil Purifier Flow Chart

The oil to be treated passes through a strainer and enters the heater for heating, the heated oil will go through the semi precision filtration and arrived at the Spiral spray atomization separation system, The insulating oil turns into a coarse mist and falls onto the reaction tower to enter the vacuum separation chamber. The moisture begins to evaporate and the oil mist forms a three-dimensional, multi-layer evaporation structure in the tank, which can be purified through a short-term cycle. After dewater, degas, and impurity, acid removal, the treated oil will go through the precision filtration to achieved the purifier circulation purpose. The Water vapor molecules and the hot air are separate from the vacuum separation chamber enters the condenser, Most of the water vapor is condensed into water and stored in a water tank. The hot air in the oil is cooled and discharged by a vacuum pump.

Ⅲ. Mobile Oil Purifier Functions

3.1. Dehydration, degassing, remove impurities for 110-1100KV main transformer insulation oil .

3.2. Removing acetylene for 110-1100KV main transformer insulation oil .

3.3. Vacuum drying for 110-1100KV main transformer insulation oil .

3.4. Removing 100% free water and 99.9% dissolved water from oil, besides it can also filter out 100% free gas and 98% dissolved gas from oil.

3.5. customized according to customer needs; with PLC, frequency

Ⅳ. Treated Oil Index by Mobile Oil Purifier



After treatment

Test method

Mechanical impurity



Demulsification value




Water content




Acid value







NAS 1638

Breakdown voltage



GBDL Or IEC Standard

Residual gas



The gas content measurement according to the standard of GB, DL and IEC




The gas content measurement according to the standard of GB, DL and IEC

Filtration accuracy




Q1.What is the usage of vacuum oil purifier?

It can remove 100% free water and 99.9% dissolved water, 100% free gas and 98% dissolved gas, impurities, and prolonged the machine's life.

Q2.Does your process use chemicals or additives?

No, it is pure -physical technology.

Q3.What is consumable?

There is no consumable in oil purifier except filters.

Q4.How often do clients need to change filters

It lasts for at least 3,000hours .But it depends on oil cleanness.

Q5.What is your material of your machine?

Carbon steel or Stainless steel (Standard type is SUS304, it can be customized according to your request)

Q6. Any any of the products be customized?

Yes, we can customize the color, industrial power and your logo on machine. On the other hand, if you need the brand ingredients on the machine, you can have the choice on the imported pumps electrical ( electrical elements , PLC, touch screen LCD controller)



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