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Oil Purifier Technology

Why is oil purifier an ideal choice for oil recovery?

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Oil purification equipment is used to remove free water and solid pollutants from petroleum based oil products such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and turbine oil.

This equipment has the following characteristics:

1. Free water in the medium can be removed by demulsification, coalescence and separation;

2. Solid particles in the medium can be filtered out by controlling the cleanliness of the oil;

3. The free water content of the treated medium is less than 200ppm, which can be less than 100ppm under the limit value, and the cleanliness of the oil can reach grade 4 or higher;

4. It can be distributed according to different impurity sizes, different pollutant characteristics, different filter materials and prices to achieve the purpose of high filtration efficiency and low purification cost;

The main function of the oil purification equipment is to remove impurities and moisture in various mechanical oils and restore them to the normal standard of new oil. Its oil filter can be used for filtering and regeneration of various lubricating oils and generator oil, so as to achieve the goal of new oil, recover new energy and reduce costs. Therefore, it has not only purification effect, but also purification cost and control effect, Therefore, oil purification equipment is an ideal choice for oil mining machinery and a good choice for enterprises to save costs.


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