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How to recycle waste oil?

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1、 What are the types of waste oil?

The so-called waste engine oil refers to the mixing of impurities such as water, dust, other miscellaneous oil, and metal powder generated by wear and tear of machine parts during use; The second refers to the gradual deterioration of engine oil, which generates organic acids, resins, and asphalt like substances. The regeneration of waste engine oil involves using methods such as sedimentation, distillation, acid washing, alkali washing, and filtration to remove impurities from the engine oil.




2、 How can waste oil regeneration equipment regenerate and utilize waste oil?

2.1. Production Principles

Raw oil is a complex mixture of various hydrocarbons. The principle of vacuum distillation is based on the difference in boiling point of the mixture, i.e. the difference in volatilization ability. By using vaporization condensation technology, the mixture is divided into fractions with different distillation ranges to form a product process.


2.2. Production process

After heating, the raw oil enters the distillation tower in a mixed state of gas and liquid. In the vaporization section, the vapor phase is separated from the liquid phase, and the vapor phase enters the fractionation section of the tower.

From bottom to top, each tray (filler or catalyst) inside the tower undergoes a process of mass and heat transfer with the liquid phase on the tray. 


Due to the different relative volatility of each component, some of the heavy components in the vapor phase condense and enter the liquid phase, while some of the light components in the liquid phase evaporate and enter the vapor phase. 

The liquid phase in the feed flows down to the stripping section of the tower, and according to the same principle, the lighter components in the feed enter the rising vapor phase inside the tower.


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