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Fully automatic filter press - diaphragm filter press

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The fully automatic box filter press - diaphragm filter press is a common solid-liquid separation equipment used to separate solid particles suspended in the liquid, obtaining dry solid products and clear filtration liquid. It adopts a special diaphragm structure and the working principle of pressure difference drive, which is characterized by high efficiency, energy conservation, and environmental protection.

Product Introduction of Fully Automatic Box Filter Press - Diaphragm Filter Press:

  1. Working principle: The diaphragm filter press is mainly composed of filter plates, diaphragms, filter bags, and compressed air systems. After the material is pumped in, it enters the filter chamber after pre-treatment. Under the action of compressed air, the diaphragm compresses the filter chamber, forming a high-pressure and low-pressure zone inside. Solid particles are fixed on the filter cloth, and the filtrate flows into the discharge pipeline through the pores of the filter cloth and filter plate.


2. Features:

Efficient: The diaphragm filter press has a large filtration area and efficient filtration performance, which can quickly separate solid and liquid, and obtain dry solid products.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared to traditional filtration equipment, the diaphragm filter press is driven by compressed air and does not require external power, saving energy. At the same time, it can also achieve closed-loop circulation of filtrate, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution.

Easy to operate: The diaphragm filter press is easy to operate, requiring only basic switch control and periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Strong adaptability: The diaphragm filter press is suitable for the separation of various materials, including liquid, semi solid, and high viscosity materials.

fully automatic box filter press

3. Application field: Diaphragm filter presses are widely used in solid-liquid separation processes in industries such as chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, and metallurgical industries. Common applications include:

Solid-liquid separation of ore slurry: such as tailings treatment of gold, silver, and copper mines.

Industrial wastewater treatment: used for dehydration and recovery of solid substances.

Food processing: clarification and concentration of alcohol, soy sauce, fruit juice, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: used for filtration and sterilization of pharmaceutical liquids.

The fully automatic box filter press - diaphragm filter press, as an efficient solid-liquid separation equipment, has been widely used in various industries due to its excellent performance, and continuously improves and innovates technology to meet the needs of different users.



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